Fitness Classes Now Available!
We are now offering fitness classes at Georgia All-Stars! Visit our Fitness Page on Facebook for details! GA-Allstar Fitness Trial Classes are going on this week!

Way to Go!
Congratulations to Alison Ritch and Sydney Barros for qualifying to TOPs National Testing at the National Team Training Center in Houston, TX (The Karolyi Ranch). The testing will take place October 10-12. Good luck!!!

Congrats Girls!
Georgia All-Stars is very proud of all our girls who qualified to Nationals this year! Congratulations to Morgan Hassel (J.O. Nationals), Hensley Graham (Easterns), Seria Johnson (TOPs National Team), Bobimarie Henderson (Easterns), and Micole O'Dell (NIT's).

Good Luck Micole!

Micole is headed off to Iowa State, but not before being the first gymnast to sign the Senior Wall in the new gym!

Level 8 Regionals
Way to go to all of our Level 8 Regional Qualifiers for a fantastic finish to the season!! We are proud of all of you!!

Seria Johnson
   Bars - 9.55 (2nd Place)
   Beam - 9.575 (1st Place and a season high!)
   AA - 37.425 (1st Place)

Abbie Kirday
   Vault - 9.7 (2nd Place and a season high!)
   Bars - 9.4 (2nd Place and a season high!)

   Beam - 9.15 (4th)
   AA - 37.1 (2nd Place)
Ansley Froman
   Vault - 9.2 (season high!)
   Bars - 8.9 (2nd Place)
   Beam - 9.125 (4th Place)
   AA - 36.075 (3rd Place)

Way to Go GA All-Stars!
Wow! What an amazing championship weekend it was for Georgia All-Star gymnasts!! Congratulations to our four athletes who qualified to Nationals or NIT!!

Bobimarie Henderson - Level 9 Eastern National Qualifier
Vault - 9.325 (3rd)
Bars - 9.45 (2nd)
Beam - 9.4 (2nd)

Floor - 9.275 (4th)
AA - 37.375 (1st)

Hensley Graham - Level 9 Eastern National Qualifier
Vault - 9.6 (1st)
Bars - 9.5 (1st)

Floor - 9.425 (2nd)
AA - 37.2 (3rd)

Morgan Hassel - Level 10 J.O. National Qualifier
Vault - 9.6 (2nd)
Bars - 9.325 (7th)
Beam - 9.35 (8th)
AA - 37.325 (5th)

Micole O'Dell - Level 10 NIT Qualifier
Vault - 9.5 (5th)
Floor - 9.225 (10th)
AA - 35.5 (12th)

We would also like to congratulate Brynne Sumner (3rd Place on Beam) and Marina Liberatore on a successful finish to the season. We are proud of the accomplishments you have made this year!

Level 8 wins State!
Congratulations to our Level 8 team on capturing the State title! A job very well done and very much deserved!       

Kayleigh Clark - Georgia State Team Member, Regional Qualifier   

Vault - 9.5 (1st)
Bars - 9.725 (1st)
Beam - 9.7 (2nd)
Floor - 9.65 (1st)
AA - 38.575 (1st) Congratulations Kayleigh on scoring the highest All-Around in the entire meet!

Ansley Froman - Regional Qualifier
Bars - 9.375 (2nd)
Floor - 9.375 (2nd)
AA - 36.25 (4th)
Abbie Kirday - Regional Qualifier
Vault - 9.425 (1st)
AA - 37.1 (3rd)
Seria Johnson - Georgia State Team Alternate, Regional Qualifier
Vault - 9.25 (6th)
Bars - 9.65 (2nd)
AA - 37.5 (6th)

2014 Georgia All-Star's State Champions
Congratulations to all of our level 6-10 gymnasts on a fantastic State Championships performance!! This was yet another great meet for our club, and we would like to recognize all of our State Champions, and Regional Qualifiers!

Level 6
Molly Froman - Vault (3rd), Beam (5th)
Patty Rose Galloway - Floor (4th)
Mishell LeFebvre - Vault (2nd), Beam (1st), Floor (2nd), AA (2nd)
Madelyn McGregor - Floor (3rd)
Alex Vyneman - Bars (1st)
Nicole Wild - Floor (3rd)
Sophia Wilson - Bars (1st), Beam (3rd), AA (3rd)

Level 7
Sydney Barros - Beam (5th), Floor (3rd), AA (5th)
Delaney Dobbs - Vault (2nd)

Level 9
Marina Liberatore (Regional Qualifier) - Vault (4th), Bars (4th), AA (4th)
Hensley Graham (Regional Qualifier) - Vault (2nd), Bars (2nd), Floor (2nd), AA (2nd)
Bobimarie Henderson (Regional Qualifier) - Vault (5), Bars (5), Beam (1), Floor (1), AA (2)
Alex Potts (Regional Qualifier) - Bars (5th), Floor (1st)
Brynne Sumner - Regional Qualifier

Level 10
Morgan Hassel (Regional Qualifier) - Vault (1st), Bars (2nd), AA (3rd)
Marielle Mitchell (Regional Qualifier) - Bars (1st)
Micole O'Dell (Regional Qualifier) - Vault (2nd), Bars (5th), Floor (4th), AA (4th)

Congratulations Seria!!:
Congratulations to Seria Johnson for acquiring the Elite Compulsory Score!! Now, aiming for the Optional Qualification score in May!! 

Summer Camp Info:
Click HERE to access information on GASG Summer Day Camp for 2014!

Way to Go Seria!
Seria qualified to the TOPs National (A) Team! She will attend a training camp at the National Training Center in December. Congratulations Seria!!

Congrats to our TOPs National Testing Qualifiers! Georgia All-Stars has three girls who qualified for this years test. Sydney Barros, Delaney Dobbs, and Seria Johnson. We're proud of you, good luck!!

John Geddert visited Georgia All-Stars!
We had a great Saturday at the gym with Coach John Geddert from Twistars! He was the 2012 National Team Coach, and coach of 2012 Olympian Jordyn Wieber! John spent the morning helping coach our Optionals, and in the afternoon all our gymnasts had a great time getting autographs and taking photos with him. Please click the NEWS tab to view more photos from the day!

Photos from our Ribbon Cutting

Thanks to all who came to our open house! We hope you all had a good time, and loved our new facility as much as we do!

Georgia All-Stars now offers DANCE!

To view our schedule of dance classes, please click here.
Team members visit the team schedule page.

Congratulations Zion!
Congratulations to Zion Lewis for her 3rd place finish on Vault  with a 9.45 at Level 9 Eastern National Championships!

Congrats Prep-Op Beginners!

Jane Murdock - Vault - 4th     AA - 8th
Cassie Tardiff - Vault - 1st     Bars - 1st     Beam - 1st     Floor - 1st     AA - 1st

Congrats AAU Level 3's!
Anna Harper - Bars - 9th     AA - 12th
Avril Bong - Vault - 3rd     Bars - 5th     Beam - 3rd     Floor - 5th
Blythe Noyes - Vault 4th     Bars - 5th     Beam - 3rd     Floor - 3rd     AA - 4th
Chloe Walls - Vault - 2nd     Bars - 2nd     Beam - 3rd     Floor - 3rd     AA - 1st
Ella Sutherland - Vault - 9th     Bars - 5th     Beam - 6th     Floor - 2nd     AA - 5th
Gabi Lowe - Vault - 4th     Bars - 10th     Floor - 10th     AA - 8th
Hadley Moore - Beam - 6th     Floor - 1st      AA - 14th
Haven Landreth - AA - 15th
Kahleia May - Vault - 3rd     Beam - 5th     Floor - 7th     AA - 7th
Lauren Grays - Vault - 6th     Bars - 5th     Beam - 6th      Floor - 7th     AA - 5th
Sam Pace - Vault - 8th     Bars - 7th     Floor - 4th     AA - 8th

Congrats Prep-Op Girls!
AAU Prep-Op 1 State Results:
Emma Hatch - Bars - 1st      Vault - 3rd      Beam - 4th      AA - 4th
McKenzie Cooper - Beam - 2nd      Bars - 4th      Floor - 6th      AA - 5th
Maya Lepadatu - Vault - 4th      Bars - 4th      AA - 6th
Paisley Hayes - Bars - 6th      Beam - 8th
Leslie Rae Carswell - Bars - 3rd      Floor - 4th      Vault - 5th      Beam - 6th      AA - 3rd

Congrats to our Level 7/8 Regional Gymnasts!

Level 7: State Team Competition
Seria Johnson - Beam - 2nd      Floor  - 2nd      Vault - 4th
Level 8:
Kayleigh Clark - Floor - 2nd      Bars - 7th

Congrats to our Level 9/10 Regional Gymnasts!

Level 9:
Zion Lewis - qualified to Level 9 Eastern National Championships!
AA - 2nd     Vault - 3rd      Bars - 4th      Beam - 3rd      Floor - 4th
Payton Carroll -
AA - 15th      Bars - 12th      Beam - 11th
Marina Liberatore -
Vault - 6th      Beam - 11th
Level 10:
Marielle Mitchell - qualified to the NIT (National Invitational Tournament)
AA- 12th      Bars - 14th      Beam - 14th      Floor - 8th
Renata Mitchell - qualified to the NIT
AA - 8th      Vault - 4th      Bars - 6th      Floor - 13th
Dani Climmons -
Vault - 8th      Floor - 10th
Micole O'Dell -
Floor - 5th

Congratulations to our State Champs in Levels 7-10!

1st Place:
Level 7 - Seria Johnson   Bars, Beam, Floor, and AA (Georgia State Team)
Level 8 - Kayleigh Clark   Floor
Level 9 - Callie Goldman   Floor
Level 10 - Marielle Mitchell    Bars, AA

2nd Place:
Level 8 - Ansley Froman   Bars, Floor, and AA
Level 9 - Marina Liberatore   Vault
               Randi Locher     Bars
               Zion Lewis      Vault and Floor
Level 10 - Marielle Mitchell      Vault, Beam, and Floor
                 Micole O'Dell      Floor

3rd Place:
Level 9 - Alicia Rowan     Floor
Level 10 - Micole O'Dell    Vault

4th Place:
Level 9 - Randi Locher    Beam
Level 10 - Dani Climmons      Vault and AA

5th Place:
Level 9 - Callie Goldman     Beam and AA
               Payton Carroll     Bars
Level 10 - Micole O'Dell     AA
                 Renata Mitchell      Bars and Floor

6th Place:
Level 8 - Ansley Froman     Beam
               Kayleigh Clark     Bars and Beam
Level 9 - Callie Goldman    Vault
               Marina Liberatore     AA
               Randi Locher     AA
               Hope Glenn     Floor
Level 10 - Dani Climmons     Floor
Summer Classes and Camps!
Registration is now open for Summer Camps, and Summer Classes!

Spring Break Out Meet Scores
Spring Break Out Scores are now posted on the Spring Break Out Meet Page or by available by clicking here!

Winter Blast meet results are available now! 

Congratulations to our USA 5's, who placed 5th at State in Team Finals this past weekend! Our USA 6's placed 3rd in team finals.  Great job girls!



GASG's Delaney Dobbs has qualified to the TOPS National B Camp where she will train with the USAG National coaches.  She will join teammate Seria Johnson at the camp held in Houston, Texas this December.  Congratulations Delaney!

GASG's Seria Johnson qualified to the TOPS National B Camp where she will train with the USAG National coaches.  The camp is held in Houston, Texas in December.  Congratulations Seria!

TOPs National Qualifiers

GASG is proud to announce 2 National TOPS Testing Qualifiers! 
  • Seria Johnson
  • Delaney Dobbs
The TOPs, (Talent Opportunity Program) is a Talent Search for female gymnasts ages 7-10. The National TOPs testing takes place at the National Team Training Center outside of Houston, Texas. 

GASG families have purchased more tickets to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions than any other gym in Georgia and have earned some very special perks:

Preferred seating
8 Official Event T-Shirts
2Autographed Items
8 Gynmasts featured in the Show
4 Meet & Greet Passes

Our club is only 41 tickets away from reaching the next incentive level, so please contact Kim Montalbano if you would like to purchase additional tickets.  WIth the USA team winning the Gold, it is sure to be an exciting event! 

Optional team members gathered to watch the Women's Team exciting day for sure!


GASG is PROUD its 44 State Champions, 18 Regional Qualifiers, and 8 Regional Champions. WOW! Great in competition and solid when the pressure is on, our girls worked hard and were justly rewarded.  Click here for a complete listing.


Level 7's take a moment to contemplate their routines.  The team placed 1st at the competition.

GASG Elves at the CHOA Parade
The GASG elves were very busy helping out Santa Claus at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Parade this Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time!

For more parade photos, check out our News page.

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