GASG Awards 


The GASG Rising Star award goes to a young gymnast in the program who shows all the signs of being a future star, and the award is based on accomplishment, work ethic, commitment and attitude. 


       1995             Nicole Matthews

       1996             Sarah Cooksey

       1997             Meghan Smith

       1998             Angela Humphrey

       1999             Kristin Clark

       2000             Kristin Conway

       2001             Ashlee Griffin

       2002             Rebekah Bennetts

       2003             Milan Ivory

       2004             Pam Wright

       2005             Marielle Mitchell

       2006             Sabrina Shakya

       2007             Elizabeth Hartley

       2008             Rachel Renner

       2009             Jordan Miller

       2010             Kasey Nelson

       2011             Meagan Livingston

       2012             Meighan McGillis

                             Seria Johnson

       2013             Maddy Garner
                             Seria Johnson


The GASG Shining Star award  goes to one of our established upper level competitors who has had an outstanding year in representing GASG. The award is based on accomplishment, work ethic, commitment and attitude.


       1995             Ashley Hopson

       1996             Tracy Tsubokawa

       1997             Christina Devit

       1998             Brooke Cazeaux

       1999             Brooke Cazeaux

       2000             Ashley Hopson

       2001             Tiffany Gordon

       2002             Tiffany Gordon

       2003             Caroline Hust

       2004             Cari Hayes

       2005             Rebekah Bennetts

       2006             Milan Ivory

       2007             Cari Hayes

       2008             Micole O’Dell

       2009             Rebekah Bennetts

       2010             Elizabeth Hartley

       2011             Emily Kelley

       2012             Lauren Jepson

       2013             Marielle Mitchell


The gasg Sportsmanship Award goes to a gymnast within our program who has shown outstanding sportsmanship to her team mates, other teams, coaches and GASG throughout the year. 


       2000             Janelle McGill

                               Kylie Weaver

       2001             Ashley Godwin

                               Jackie Smith

       2002             Amy Maxwell

       2003             Brittany Berger

       2004             Kristin Clark

       2005             Megan Eggleston

       2006             Bree Calvert

       2007             Erin Duffy

       2008             Cari Hayes

       2009             Christina Robinson

       2010             Sydney Bruton

       2011             Jordan Miller

       2012             Katherine Buckner
       2013             Callie Goldman

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