Compulsory Teams 


GASG Compulsory Teams
Our compulsory training and competitive teams consist of both AAU and USA teams.  USAG has established 10 levels of gymnastics, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Gymnastics levels 1-5 are known as compulsory levels. Compulsory gymnastics means that  each gymnast competes the same routine on all events and has the same gymnastics floor music. Compulsory gymnastics is set up to have a steady progression of skills that start out from the basics and build until a gymnast reaches levels 6.  Levels 6-10 are referred to as optional gymnastics levels.

GASG offers excellent training and conditioning.  Focusing on skill development and perfection of form, our goal is to prepare your gymnast for success at every level. For detailed information about our compulsory teams, see below:


Twinklers is our entry level training team.  Gymnasts are chosen from recreational classes and invited to participate on this team.  The girls practice 2 1/2 hours each week and are our youngest up and coming superstars!  Training focus is on elementary skill development.


Our first competitive level, AAU (Amateur Athletic Union)  gymnasts practice 5 hours per week and begin competition in the Spring. They typically compete from December - April and their season culminates in a Georgia State meet.  All participants receive medals at the meets.  

AAU Prep Optional

Our Prep Optionals compete at various levels within the AAU Prep Op program.  These gymnasts typically train 5 hours per week.


Our level 3's begin competition in August and finish in December at the USAG Georgia State meet.  They train 8 hours per week.  Some of the girls in this program will advance to spring season USA 4 after finishing USA 3, depending on readiness.  


Our level 4's begin competition in August and finish in December at the USAG Georgia State meet.  They train approximately 11.5 hours per week.

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